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According to the web technology survey agency W3techs, one-third of all websites are now WordPress-based.

As of March 2019, WordPress (WP) powers 33.3% of the web and has a content management system market share of 60.2%.

If you are a business owner considering WordPress as your website platform, here’s a quick run-through to help you in the decision-making process.

5 Reasons Why You Should Love WordPress

It’s Free!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Gone are the days when having a decent website costs a fortune. Today, you can get something similar (or even better) without any cost. WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), so it is always free to download and install. For simple and basic website needs, it is possible to run a site using all free WP themes and plugins. But if you want something complex, you can avail of premium themes and plugins or hire web development service teams to customize and add specific features and functions.

It is User-Friendly.

Since WordPress was originally designed for personal publishing and blogging, it caters to everyone even those who have limited coding or technical experience. You can install it in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks. With its straightforward and informative dashboard, you can easily manage your content and settings. You can even update your themes and plugins, as well as your WordPress version, by a simple button click. In addition, in case you get stuck or encountered some difficulties, there is a large WP community to help you out.

It is Flexible and Scalable.

WordPress was originally used for blogging but now used for any other kinds of websites as well. It can support sites from the simplest blog site with a handful of viewers up to the largest e-commerce site catering to thousands or millions of customers. You can choose from a wide range of themes and plugins available for about every kind of website – blog site, online shop or company site. You can also further customize them to fully cater to your needs.

WordPress is not just for text, it can handle other media types as well. You can upload images, audio and video files using its built-in media uploader. That being said, you can go as minimalist or as grand as you like.

It is SEO-Friendly.

In this digital age, information is just at your fingertips. People always turn to Google or any other search engine to look for things that they need, and as a business owner, searchability is key. WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly, thanks to its clean and high-quality codes as well as its constant updates. You should take advantage of WordPress since sites built using this platform tend to rank higher in search engines, thus, enjoying increased visibility. Features like mobile responsiveness along with SEO plugins add up to further optimize your site.

It is Safe and Secured.

While WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning its source codes are available to the public, it is still considered to be safe and secured. Actually, no fully secured or safe website exists. Since the internet is full of uncertainties, every website, whether running on WordPress or not, is generally at risk. WordPress keeps working and releasing security updates to make websites better and more secure. Plugins are also continuously released and updated to increase your site’s protection against possible vulnerabilities.

In today’s world, business owners like you should take advantage of the power of the internet to reach more people and increase conversion. But in order to do that, you need a simple yet effective platform like WordPress, that won’t take much time to set-up and flexible enough to suit your specific needs.

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