Web Design should be Clean, Simple, and Minimal

Topic: Web Design | 2 min read

A web design should be clean, simple, and minimal to improve your overall website's user experience.

Web design trends change every now and then but almost always you don't necessarily need them all. Select one that is most suited for your brand - and that's everything you will ever need! It might be interesting to learn several modern and contemporary web design styles along the way but keep in mind that making yours clean, simple, and minimal will already make a difference in terms of customer engagement.

Here are several tips that you can also apply to your website:

Focus on Clean and Minimal

A website is said to be clean when there is a professional and quality feel from what you see. However, do you know the principles behind how a clean design is really defined?

Take note that the term 'clean' is different from being 'minimal'. In general, if you are a minimalist, you will focus your attention in identifying the relevance of each element in your design and removing them accordingly if deemed unnecessary. Clean on the other hand is making sure that everything is in order to allow a more easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand content.

What should you adjust then?


Streamline your web design by using commonly used dimensions. You can use tools like the 960 grid system or bootstrap to provide you with a fast and easy-to-use grid-based layouts. These HTML/CSS frameworks will help you in making sure that your alignment is spot on.

Alignment is extremely important to your users because it gives them a clear visual guide on how your content should flow.


Avoid clutter by adding enough space in between your elements. Sometimes, we cannot avoid having too much content in our website. That is fine but you will have to figure out a way to not make it look messy. This is where spacing becomes really valuable.

There are actually many ways to make good use of your white spaces. But the general rule is that you add adequate spacing on your elements.


By definition, typography is used to arrange letters and text that makes the copy clear, legible, and visually appealing to the reader. Typography is important because it establishes a strong visual hierarchy in your website. Do not overly use it in your design though and make sure that it is in harmony and is complimenting your overall brand design.