Basics: Get Started with HTML

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to create a website.

Basics: Get Started with HTML

What you need to start writing HTML.

  • Browser – e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Text Editor – e.g. Notepad++, Dreamweaver

Terms that you’ll hear and use often:



The word title is the tag name, surrounded by less than and greater than characters.

HTML Element


This is a text example

Element has a start tag

, end tag , and content in between This is a text example. Notice that the end tag has a forward slash before the tag name. Sometimes start and close tags are referred to as opening and closing tags.

There are HTML tags that do not require an end/closing tag.


  1. – creates a break line.
  2. – defines an image.

  3. – creates a horizontal line.

HTML Attribute

Attribute adds definition to our element. Attributes are present after the tag name. E.g.

  1. Header Title

  2. Header Title

  3. Header Title

In the examples above, we can identify the ff. attributes.

  1. class=”header”
  2. id=”header”
  3. style=”color: red;”

These attributes consist of the ff. Attribute name – class, id and style Equal sign – = Value enclosed in quotation marks – “header”, “header”, “color: red;”